Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

1.To ensure easy access to education, health, employment opportunity to the poorest of the poor.

2.To promote integrated development through systematic time bound & result oriented programmes with specific aims, plans, confidence & preference to the people by helping them to understand their actual situation, capabilities, rights & responsibilities in rural tribal & urban slums.

3.To form different working groups & training provision for awareness, local leadership to achieve self reliance quality & collective growth as dignified women being.

4.To work for better care & development of rehabilition facilities for disabled (both physical & mental) women, children, destitute & leprosy patients.

5.To encourage & undertake the establishment of institutional & non institutional services for handicapped destitute, poor widows etc.

6.To create awareness, undertake training cum production work on cost effective technology rural housing.

7.To work for the welfare of the animals.