Women’s Community Management Group (WCMG) At- Sankarpur, Post-Arikama, DistKhordha has registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 of XXI and bearing the Registration No. 21993/171 of dated 18.12.2004. WCMG is one of the leading State Level Women’s Voluntary organisation of Khordha District. It also affiliated with Neheru Yuva Kendra (NYK) and the organization also direct listed with KVIC, Ministry of MSME, ETP, Dept. of PWD, Min. of SJE and partner NGO Min. of WCD, Govt. of India, Women’s Community Management Group, Shankarpur, Arikama, Khordha also registered under PWD registration act & bearing the PWD registration No. 76/WCD of 2005 on dated 14.06.2005 Valid up to 12.06.2020.

It’s office is located At-Sankarpur, Post- Arikama, Block- Bolagarh, Dist- Khordha and with branches all over Odisha. There is a Branch office located at- Saintala, Titlagarh, Bolangir(it is one of a Tribal Area),Champua Block of Keonjhar District . It is totally nonprofitable organization, the organization is working with its dedicated, punctual and competent in relevant field and fully experienced Men & women social workers. Smt. Kiranabala Mahapatra, Secretary has been leading her voluntary and Honorary staffs properly, all the dedicated workers re-committed to the cause of empowering to the poor, minority women with other cast people and marginalized so as to enable them to seek their entitlement. Being a State level women leading organization, Women’s Community Management Group has been working for most down trodden, exploited, expropriated and under privileged sections of the society (both minority and majority cast people.) it is the Indian tradition that is male dominantly or patria cheaply family esteem, where feeling and voice of women/girl was given on sues, their place is at kitchen, organization involved with them to wake up to make themselves and reliant to the dominant male. WCMG’s dedicated staffs are now working to aware the women delightfully to reduce/minimize of Sexual Harassment of women at work place.

The broad objectives of the Women’s Community Management Group, Sankarpur, Arikama, Khordha is community empowerment with special emphasis on women belong to backward communities. One of the Broad objectives of the Org. is to develop of social and economical conditions of persons with disabilities. The organization has planned and developed number of strategies to intervene with its objectives follows…

  • To ensure easy access to education, health and empowerment and employment opportunities to the poorest to poor of society.
  • To empower the minority women, fight against poverty and form unequal share of women with men in the society along with create a leadership development on attitude of minority women.
  • To make aware the rural people arranging programs like rallies, stage shows, arranging some training programs in practically for the minority women to develop their leadership and managerial skills.
  • To promote integrate development through systematic time bound and result oriented program with specified aims, plans, trust worthy confide reservance of the people by helping them to understand/realize their actual situation with capabilities to handle right and responsibilities specially in rural and tribal minority by areas.
  • To create marketing development of artisans who are engaged in making of handicraft articles which are made of Cane and Bamboo with intervening of new design and technologies.
  • To form different groups and train the people to promote local leadership and resources to achieve self reliance, quality and collectivity participating growth as dignifies human being ensure community resources both human natural and communicating action.
  • To empower the rural poor women by formed in groups that is call formation of Self Help Groups in several Gram Panchayats to train them in savings and credit system.
  • To work for better care, development and rehabilitation for disabled (both physically and mentally retardation) children and set-up home for destitute, aged, abomodness, in curable dying handicapped, leprosy disabled etc.
  • To undertake several development program and encourage or establishment of institutional and non-institutional service for the handicapped destitute, poor widows, orphans, old-age person and neglected people of the society.
  • To work for the welfare of the animal.
  • To make educate and self dependant to the youths who are drop outs from school. Undertaken education programs with Basic knowledge in computer course. Then introducing of new type basic education and vocational training for the drop outs.
  • To save environment, many activities have done like nursery rising, plantation program will provide. To control pollution WCMG arranged some awareness programs among rural/urban people in this year.
  • To provide shelter for Disabled Persons through Senior Citizen home.
  • To attend various exhibition and Festivals to sale the Bamboo and Cane products, Khadi materials, Organic Food and Vegetables manufacture by Artisans, Disabled Farmers, and Women of WCMG.
  • To help the disaster affected people, the WCMG has been distributing dry foods, polyethines, Clothes, Dress materials, Candle & etc.
  • To train the people to make Bamboo handicraft items and get profit to develop their financial capabilities in society by deploy of Master Crafts Man (MCM).
  • To work for development of Khadi and Village industries programs through women and men Spinners, Weavers and Artisans who will be made the products of Clothes of Silk Khadi and Cotton Khadi, Handmade Paper, Appliqué work and other Craft and Embroidery items.
  • To organize & conduct Skill Training Programs for persons with disability for employment opportunity.
  • To organize Job fairs for PWD successes trainees for employment or self dependant.
  • To organize capacity building measure training programs for elected women PRI members.
  • To make aware the rural people on “Swochha Bharat Abhiyan”.
  • To run physiotherapy center for PWDs.
  • To organize farmer’s training on organic farming and medicinal plant rising.
  • To arrange exposure visits for leprosy cured persons and Old Disability Persons of Old Aged Home to holly places of India.
  • To make aware the women/young girls on women sexual harassment at work place and arranged workshops on sexual harassment of women at work place in several sectors.
  • To conduct home for disabled senior citizen and destitute widow women with day care centre.
  • To conduct Physiotherapy centre for Disabled Children, Youth and Old Aged Persons for their better Health.
  • To conduct fruit and vegetable food processing cluster for and with PWDs. To create job opportunities for PWDs by arranging workshop and seminars with Govt., Private and Bank representatives.
  • To create marketing facilities for better marketing of vegetable and fresh fruits collecting/purchasing and selling by disabled persons by arranging buyer seller meet.
  • To empower the PWDs social and economical conditions WCMG conducted several types of Skill Development Training Programs on several trades for PWDs.
  • To Strengthen and Rehabilitation of Beggars the Org. arranging Awareness Programs and Skill Development Training Program on their traditional sector for Self Employment of beggars .To conduct shelter for beggars and Day Care for them At-Khordha.
  • To provide Health Check-up Digital instruments for healthcare of Senior Citizens and Destitute widow women.
  • To provide foods and shelter under Corona (Covid-19) lock down situation not only for PWDs but also for all category people of society.



To empower the poor women the organization Women’s Community Management Group formed 315 Women’s Self Help Group in Khordha, Nayagarh, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Keonjhara, Bolangir and Ganjam Districts of Odisha.

The organization trained them to make handicraft items in Bamboo and Cane wood, Khadi & Village Industries materials. There are 565 Nos. of women Artisan Spinners, Weavers and they have already made themselves self employment. Women’s Community Management Group provided them training in many types of trades like skill development training, design development training and also to lead the SHGs they have been getting leadership training every year.

2. STEP:

Now a day’s Women’s Community Management Group conducting STEP program for 100 Nos. poor but talent youth women on the trade of Bamboo and Cane Crafts making. This project has sanctioned by Ministry of Women & ChildDevelopment, Govt. Of India, New Delhi. The project on “Support Training & Employment Program” (STEP) from 2nd Nov/. 2015 to 31st October 2016. By Continuing the Prog. STEP the Org. have arranged many workshops for trained women artisans are anxious to develop their economical conditions in society.


3.Community Health Programme

Women’s Community Management Group, Sankarpur, Arikama, Khordha has been conducting Home for Senior Citizens at Arikama, Khordha since 2017 to till today. The old aged persons who have already crossed sixty years in age, those having no Home, not getting two times food daily, the WCMG has been keeping them in Senior Citizens Home at Arikama. The WCMG has been providing them well occupied home, foods, clothes, health check up facilities and medicines. Before staying in Senior Citizens Home at Arikama they are living so badly.

They were not getting foods properly, wearing damaged and muddy clothes, staying in thatched house with polyethylene covered on roof and on foot path. By looking this organization has been keeping them in the Senior Citizens Home. Now there are fifty numbers of Old aged persons are staying comfortably in the Senior Citizens Home conducting by WCMG. Women’s Community Management Group providing Doctor, Nurses for their better health care. Doctor has been visiting the Senior Citizens Home thrice in a week. Also the WCMG deployed Yoga Therapist for their better care. The inmates are getting two times food, two times Tiffin / snacks, two time tea, clothes to wear, blankets for cover their body in winter season, Fooding utensils and necessary materials to use by them in a day. The WCMG deployed religion teacher to read and teach Bhagabat Gita two times daily.

The organization also installed television for entertainment of Senior Citizens living in the shelter. This project has sponsored by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi.Women’s Community Management Group has been conducting old age home for Older & Disabled Persons at Arikama of Bolgarh Block approved by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment 50 (fifty) Nos. older & Disabled Persons staying in this home. To see this problem the organization running an Old-Age home/ shelter for PWD Person with 50 Nos. of Men/Destitute Women at present, they get mentally shocked, thinking about their older days. So WCMG decided to do something well for these senior citizens of society, who are reservoir of experience. WCMG provided digital Health Check-up instruments for better care of inmates. To protect inmates from Corona Virus by aware them to wash their hands by sanitizing properly. The organization distributed mouth masks to protect from Covid-19 Virus spreading in climate.

  • To provide Skill Development Training program for PWDs for employability.
  • To provide a home who are away from home to the Disabled Older persons.
  • To provide recreational, reading & library facilities to the physically disability aged persons & hosteller PWD trainees
  • To provide nutritional facilities to the physically disability aged persons.
  • To provide medical check-up facilities with digital Health Check-up instruments to the physically disabled aged persons.
  • To provide exposure visit/excursion/outing facilities to the physically disability aged persons.
  • To provide income generation facilities to the physically disability aged persons.
  • To provide yoga facilities to the Physically Disabled Aged Persons.
Home for Destitute Widow Women:

Women’s Community Management Group has been conducting Home for Destitute widow women At-Bantala, Anugul, Odisha since 2017 to till today. The Destitute widow women who have already crossed sixty years in age, those having no Home, not getting two times food daily, the WCMG has been keeping them in the Destitute widow women shelter AtBantala, Anugul, Odisha. WCMG has been providing them well occupied home, foods, clothes, health check up facilities and medicines. Before staying in Home for Destitute widow women At-Bantala, Anugul, Odisha they are living so badly. They were not getting foods properly, wearing damaged and muddy clothes, staying in thatched house with polyethylene covered on roof and on foot path. By looking this organization has been keeping them in the Home for Destitute widow women. Now there are fifty numbers of Widow women are staying comfortably in the Home for Destitute widow women conducting by WCMG.



The Women’s Community Management Group conducted Skill Development Training Program in Bolgarh block of Khordha dist & Titlagarh block of Bolangir dist last year. The organization started the Skill Development Training program with five hundred (500) of PWDs, the disabilities enrolled in five types of courses. Those courses are sewing machine operator, Asst. Shuttering carpenter, Hair stylist, Hair advisor & Data entry operator’s training courses. There were hundred numbers of candidates taken training in each course in the past year. Now the disability trained persons are engaged in different companies and NGOs.

By this training program the poor PWDs are now being employable. Now a days the WCMG started new courses on skill development training program. That is, mushroom production training, medicinal plant grower training, vermin compost training program, food processing training, handloom and textiles weaving development training program for PWDs. The organization already trained 250 Nos. of PWDs of Khordha dist. & 250 Nos. of PWDs of Bolangir dist in the year 2017- 18. To strengthen the economical conditions of trained PWDs the Org. arranged job fairs and seminars. Conducted workshops and its date and venue following below…



Women’s Community Management Group has been conducting developmental programs for minority women in Kadab village since 2015-16 yet today. The WCMG conducted several vocational training, skill development training on coir crafts, making of Khadi and Village Industries groups, tailoring, Bamboo and Cane works, now-a-days they are making several types of handicraft products to make increase in their financial status.

The honorarium for them maintaining by its own source. The minority women are trained on making of Khadi & Village Industries products and coir craft products. The organization kept them in groups. Every group have been maintaining by their President and Secretary.


Women’s Community Management Group organized capacity building measure training program for elected women PRI members of 13 dist. In 13 Dist. of Odisha. This training program was sponsored by ministry of Women and Child development, Govt. of India in past year. The org. realized that the elected women PRI members are main part of the society to develop the social security as well as financial position of the rural poor. How can they get proper Govt. Aid and make proper utilize.



Under the marketing system of products, Women’s Community Management Group has taken many steps to market the products made by artisans and SHG members. Following steps has taken.

A. The WCMG launched its new website to market/export the products with rates, product’s name and No.

B. To market and display of New Handicraft products made of Bamboo and Cane, Women’s Community Management Group attended many exhibitions and melas in Odisha and outside Odisha for better marketing in the past year.

C. To better marketing of Handicraft products, Khadi products and Bamboo housing appliances, Women’s Community Management Group attended many exhibition in this year 2019-20.

D. To better sales of the Khadi products with Bamboo and Cane made handicraft products, WCMG has been running two Nos. of sales out lets at Dhalapathar of Khordha District and and Rajsunakhala of Nayagarh district. WCMG also decided to start one new sales out let for Khadi products at BBSR for better marketing.

E. The WCMG organized many camps to attract local Businessman, after this step retailers and Small shopkeepers (Ladies Corner, Gift item shop, furniture shop etc.) are purchasing the products and sales in local markets. Now the businessmen getting more profit to development their economical condition. Because they got better employability for better purchasing raw material for the Artisans who has been involving in making of handicraft materials, WCMG has been arranging many awareness camps among purchaser and sellers for their leadership development, then they may get better financial assistance from Bank and agencies.

Exhibitions & mela’s attended by WCMG on 2018-19

8. Exhibitions and mela’s attended by WCMG on 2018-19.

To make better marketing the org. organized meetings with buyer & seller with their products & the org. attened several exhibitions conducted by Govt. Of India ni this year 2018-19. The Org. attended the exhibitions given below…

  • 1. 25.10.2019 to 04.11.2019 Women Organic Exhibition india at New Delhi.
  • 2. 22.12.2019 to 25.12.2019 National Food Festival at Ahmadabad.
  • 3. Regional Khadi Exhibition on March 15th to 25th 2019 at Bhopal.


Women’s Community Management Group has been conducting schools for dropout students since 12 years at Balasing of sagargaon G.P. and Bhabanipur village of Arikama G.P. of Bolgarh Block. This year there are 46 students in Bhabanipur center and 41 students in Balasing center enrolled to take vocational trainings on several trades like basic knowledge on computer Appliances, Tailoring with standard education. The students are in between 12 to 14 years of age group. Already more than 150 students have educated.

They belong from poor families. The WCMG has deployed instructors, administrator and other staffs for smooth running of these two centers. The Org. choosing them who have already stopped to go school because of financial situation of their families unable to maintain their educational expenses. To keep this view in mind the Org. arranged awareness camps, workshops to motivate the dropout students to come to main stream. In the dropout centers there have developed a fine co-operation and regular interaction among teachers, instructors, administrators, parents/guardians of the students (Trainees) at a regular manner with staffs of our Org. these school have better impact in the locality. The WCMG also have been helping them in marketing sector to sale their products smoothly.


Women’s Community Management Group has been running special school for mental retardation. It has set up an institution since last 6 years at Saintala, Titlagarh of Bolangir District, there are 155 Nos. of students are getting education and care, 10 Nos. of teachers engaged to teach for handicapped 100 Nos. (Deaf, Dumb, Blind). also has been running in Rayagada dist. Since 5 years by WCMG.


Library facility also available with this organization. There are 7020Nos. of books are available with news papers, magazines and other publications for the purpose.


In the Health Sector this year WCMG arranged many YOGA program in several Block to maintain good health. The organization distributed free medicines to them who have to be necessary to taken medicines. The organization arranged 6 Nos. of eye camps in 6 Blocks of Khordha and Nayagarh dist with docter team and Instrument. Also arranged many awaaaaareness camps on Diabetish, under these awareness programs Including stage shows, street rallies, the WCMG provided free Health Cheak-up, free medicines and referral services. Women’s Community Management Group arranged Health camp with collaboration of G.P., HC and CHC staffs of Bologarh block with its voluntary staffs.

  • 1) WCMG arranged 5 Nos. of awareness program on R.C.H. in this year 2018-19 with medical staffs and free medicines. Also the organization arranged 4 days Aiods awareness camp at Bologarh high school with 160 Nos. of participants from several villages, Govt. and Non- Govt. social workers also attended.
  • 2) WCMG arranged awareness training on uses of ORS in emergency time among WSHG women. Like Dhyrehea, Loosemotion Vomiting, Sunstroke etc.
  • 3) Arranged awareness program on drug-de-addition among youth and high school students of Champua Block of Keonjhar District.
  • 4) WCMG conducted awareness programs on environment, pollution control, how to protect sunstroke, road safety etc. Women’s Community Management Group Raising nursery for road side plantation and done this work properly.



Women’s Community Management Group, Sankarpur, Arikama, Khordha has been conducting rehabilitation program for leprosy cured persons VTC for 55 Nos. of Leprosy cured persons At- Santidan colony, Khordha. Now a days there are 200 Nos. of leprosy Cured persons are in home. They are getting all the residential facilities approved by Govt. of India with two times food, medical check-up & other essential commodities to stay in 13 LCP’s home. 55 Nos. of the leprosy cured persons are getting vocational trainings on making of coir, bamboo & cane products in past year. In coir the PWDs are making coir rope, coir poppet, coir handicrafts item, coir made dolls.

By selling these products the PWDs are earning a standard amount to maintain their family expenditure. At- Khordha WCMG conducting counseling centre for leprosy patients. It provides free health checkup with referral services, proper sanitation facilities for LCPs in home, safe drinking water, good environmental surroundings.


The counseling centre for leprosies is the vital because it is statutory by the purpose. So to fulfill the objective the centre has been performing the below activitie

  • a) As to legacy it has ensured the quality and standard rehabilitation
  • b) Provision of domicile treatment all over the coverage area of the district trough trained staffs.
  • c) Provision made for leprosy patients to avail medical facilities by the doctor’s team with latest medical technology.
  • d) Detection of persons going to be affected through aurvey unit and provision of treatment on door step.
  • e) Support service to disable by providing them early detection
  • f) The mobile medical team with clinical, surgical instruments with medicines attending the leprosy affected and cured persons in every month interval.

The rehabilitation of leprosy cured persons program conducting WCMG supported by SJE, Govt. of India, New Delhi following activities are performed by the organization during this year 2018-19 on LCP.

  • Vocational trainings to leprosy cured persons.
  • A counseling centre
  • Health check-up camp
  • Case treatment and referral services.
  • Awareness generation program
  • Home for several disable persons
  • Arrangement of foods, clothes, medicines for persons home.
  • Education and vocational training programs.
  • Foot ball tournament
  • Cultural program


WCMG have been conducting community Based Rehabilitation program from 2014-15 to yet. On this program there were 820 PWD beneficiaries got benefit in last year 2019 at Balsingh, Khordha. This Area is surrounding under three Districts like Nayagarh, Cuttack & Khordha Districts. Most of the Area situating under Khordha District.

So our organization rehabilitate the disabled people of this area to increase their social & economical development in society. Because this areas under earth water contains fluoride with drinking water, due to using this fluoride contains drinking water people of this area became disable. To minimize the disability ratio of these areas, the organization has been conducting community based rehabilitation program for PWDs of this area.


WCMG have been conducting Food Processing Program with 520 numbers of disabilities. In this trade the PWDs are preparing Banana Chips, Bitterly Vegetable Chips, Ladies Finger Chips, Potato Chips and other organic foods. In our project area there are many cultivation lands. The organization has been getting raw materials for food processing. By this income generation program PWDs are now developing their financial strength and became self independent.


WCMG organized many Awareness Programs among rural poor and PWDs. In this program the organization aware the poor and PWDs about the PDS of Govt. The resource persons also instructed them about their rights. How can the poor people will satisfy, also the organization taken many actions like public awareness campaign, rallies and distribution of leaflets.


WCMG have been conducting a physiotherapy centre for intellectual disability persons at Arikama, Khordha from 2016 to yet. There are 100 disability persons are getting physiotherapy at present by experienced physiotherapist.


To protect child labour system, WCMG has been running 02 Nos. of child labour school in Nayagarh District. there has developed a fine co-operation and regular interaction among teachers and parents at a regular manner, these schools has better impact in the locality.


The awareness program on water resource in rural areas, the WCMG focused on water shed management and created awareness for the need of protection for natural resources so as to be ensured suitable development of individuals.


WCMG have been working to aware the women who have employed in several private sectors on sexual harassment of women at work place. For this the Org. arranged many 16 workshops in Khordha, Nayagarh and Bhubaneswar. Particularly the Org. stressed on construction sector and private offices. Where this type of situation is creating due to economical condition of victim. In our working area there are many construction companies were working.

They engaged to make buildings. Men and women labours are working there. Sometimes the women labours are facing sexual harassment situation on their working place by their colligues/friends/authorities/others like labour contractor. By looking this WCMG arranged workshops in several Districts this year. The date and venue of the conducted workshops on sexual harassment of women at work place is given below…


WCMG have been conducting Agriculture & Food Processing Program along with farmers and storage agents last year. The Resource persons were invited from different Govt. Departments, ATMA from Bolgarh & Khordha Block by the organization in this year 2018- 19. Women’s Community Management Group, Sankarpur, Arikama, Khordha have been working to develop the use of Organic products in life. By looking this, the Org. chosen to work to develop of farmers agricultural procedure “Farmers are the Backbone of the Country “This Organic food makes the person healthy and disease less. The Org. is thinking to start Vermin culture program. For this the Org. will get raw materials from sea weeds and other natural resources. Also the Org. has been conducting Organic Fruit, Vegetables and food preservation program since three years. The working area of WCMG is situated near hill and forestry area. We are getting fruits like mango, pineapple, berry, banana, papaya, guava, water melon and other fruits. The Org. has taken some measures for marketing of the products.

First of all the Org. located in rural area, the area is surrounded by many hectors of Agriculture and Hill side land, where the Org. started the survey program on 2011 march the Executive Body of the Org. passed the resolution to conduct the Agriculture program with Organic process. To follow this process the Org. started the program from Bhapur and Ranpur Block of Nayagarh District and Anandapur, Champua, Ghashipura Blocks of Kendujhar District. On 2013 the Women’s Community Management Group distributed Ten thousand numbers of medicinal and herbal plants among the rural SHG Women to plant these in their garden and other lands with using of vermin compost.

The WCMG trying to reduce cost of Agriculture to the farmers of Ranpur, Bhapur and Khandapada Blocks of Nayagarh District and Anandapur, Champua, Ghashipura Blocks of Kendujhar District through sustainable integrated Organic farming systems their by enhancing farmers net income per unit Agricultural or Hill side land. By aware the farmers the Org. conducted organic product farming program among the farmers with their traditional techniques and farmer friendly technologies from 2015 to 2019 the Org. distributed more than 100000 plants like Teak, Bamboo, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Mango, Medicinal plants and others like, Guava and Black Berry. In the Nayagarh and Kendujhar District there are many Hill side land available where the tribal families are living. These tribal and other farmers are collecting dried leaves, small sticks, worst vegetables and other compost to make vermin compost and then they are using this Bio-compost in their Agricultural land and producing more.

Now a days the Org. involved the farmers to make cluster and groups. By making unit them the Org. conducted so many awareness camps among the farmers and also taught about organic production, processing management to organic farmers. With focus on organic farming (vermin compost) the women’s Community Management Group tried to imbibe the culture of organic manner. The use of chemical fertilizers in agricultural lands is so bad & dangerous to crops. So looking this organization organized farmers training on organic farming in this year 2019 for four days for Five times At- Arikama, Sankarpur, Balsingh, Singhpur, Asorala. It means farmers should cultivate their farm lands by using vermin compost, they aware that, using of chemical fertilizers will reduce the production capacity of the land. The seeds may cause poisonous


The WCMG arranged camps on animal husbandry programs. It provides health service to the domestic animals. The organization has undertaken training programs on piggy and poultry project. It is suitable to unemployed youth.


The WCMG has been conducting Khadi program. The organization is direct listed by KVIC, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India and was financed by SBI Rajsunakhala under ISEC scheme of Rs. 5,20,000/-, where 100 Nos. of Spinners and 100 Nos. of Weavers are engaged under Cotton and Silk Khadi production. We hope the no. of Spinners and Weavers will be increase near future in this area .



Women’s Community Management Group, At- Sankarpur, Po- Arikama, Ps- Bolgarh, DistKhordha is one of the leading Non- Government Agency which is working to strengthen the financial capacities of the poorest to poor are staying in rural villages. They are living under the down trodden of the Society, people are calling them Beggar. Because they have no food to eat two times daily and no clothes to wear like reach/ middle class people. By looking this Org. decided to conduct Skill Development Training program for them. The program is named as REHABILITATION AND STRENGTHEN THE BEGGARS FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT by trained them with their traditional sectors. Before the Org. has made survey and formed the beggars Self Help Groups (SHG).


WCMG is Rehabilitating the LCPs since 1999-2000. Now the corona virus (Covid-19)Spreading all over India, Due to lock down Situation the LCPs are unable to maintain their daily foods properly, So looking this disaster situation our organization providing meals for the LCPs with their family members. Also the organization has been providing foods for the Khadi artisans on this Corona Lock down Situation. Because in this curfew period they unable to do any work only preparing them self under lock down situation and thinking how to face this disaster situation.


WCMG is continuing in the track of development of the society to bring change in the lives of poorest and marginalized section of people who are ought to get the support/ co-operation. The aim is to bring equilibrium through various attempts of progress and development. Change is a process not takes place at the movement of eye lead 19 but a process of time taking so called gradual with patience, confidence and a power within a face vehemently.

At last WCMG Shankarpur, Arikama, hopes the organization will be always help by its dedicated staffs and voluntary women members. To the poorest of the poor.